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    It has been a very exciting start to our new year at the Anderson ATA Black Belt Academy.
Congrats to everyone attending the Evansville, Indiana Tournament.
Mr. Sizemore- 1st in forms    
                        1st in sparring
                        2nd in weapons
Dustin Kaye    - 1st in sparring Rebecca Kaye-weapons- 2nd 
                        1st in weapons                          forms-  4th
                        2nd in forms
Heather Wardwell- 1st creative form -1st traditional form
                               1st creative weapon-3rd traditional weapon
                                2nd sparring
Hunter Wardwell   1st form 1st weapons 3rd sparring
Julia Keith             1st form 2nd weapon 1st sparring
Sarah Amrine  
                                              ~Not pictured here is Rebecca, she was still competing; sorry Rebecca ! ~
                  ATA Class "A" Tournament
                        Friday & Saturday
     March 18th & 19th 2011
                         WORDS OF WISDOM
                        WHY AND WHEN TO BOW
         The most important thing a beginner taekwondo student can do is respect the Dojang.You should stop and bow as you walk in the Dojang door. And as you leave. Why?     You are bowing as a sign of respect to taekwondo, your instructor and to your fellow students.   Stand with your feet together. Have your straight arms by your sides with your fists closed. Now bow your head down. And follow it with a slight bow of the shoulders and a slight bend from the waist. When you greet a taekwondo instructor or black belt you should bow  like this, but with your left arm bent horizontally across your front. Then you can shake hands with your right hand. It’s also good practice to greet fellow students this way. Especially as a beginner taekwondo student

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